Friday, February 20, 2015

Lessons Of The Week...

I've learned a lot in my 33 years but it seems that this past week, I was very overwhelmed with a few life lessons that I hadn't experienced yet...Lesson One: Don't heat up your Brussels Sprouts in the kitchen microwave at work. Your boss will run around the office asking why it stinks like broccoli and then your co-workers will make fun of you all afternoon. Lesson Two: If you try Frank Body Scrub (it's literally overpriced coffee grounds that you scrub all over your body to get rid of your dead skin), only take one handful of the coffee scrub in the shower with you. Otherwise you and your bathroom will smell like the local diner at the peak of the breakfast rush and your tub will be stained black.
Lesson Three: Don't have any packages delivered to the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel, they will sit in the mail room for a week. My good friend Rania sent a bottle of champagne to the hotel for me to receive upon my check in this past weekend since she wasn't able to make it to my Bachelorette Party. She texted me yesterday asking me how I liked the champagne and I was like, HUH??? Come to find out (after almost a half an hour on hold with the manager at the hotel) it had been sitting in the mail room all week. Awesome! Lesson Four: Don't day drink in excess on the night of your Bachelorette will pass out at 10:30 PM. Lesson Five: Don't get a spray tan before you get a manicure and pedicure. The water will turn brown and you will look like you are wearing white socks and gloves. Lesson Six: Don't drink a lot of vodka when you usually only drink beer at your sister's Bachelorette Party. You will puke in front of all your big sister's friends and then again on the street in front of a little boy and his dad. Dad to his son as Grace is puking- "that's why you don't drink so much, son!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

No Worries, I Can Fix It!

I've been known to pull some MacGyver moves in the past and I think it's due to my father being the best handyman I have ever met. This week, our fridge started to make a loud rattling noise which was driving Anthony and I nuts! It only seemed to stop when you would push it to one side but clearly we can't stand there all night and apply pressure to the left side of the fridge...we do have lives! I was at my wits end (and yes, we do have a handyman that should be en route to fix this problem any moment) and needed to fix the problem ASAP, so I used my (blonde) brain and came up with a great solution- a paper cup! I shoved it between the wall and the fridge to give it that pressure it needed to stop the rattling...I'm a freaking genius! Although the noise stopped, it does make a loud crackling sound every time you open the fridge, which freaks both Anthony and I out because we forget that it's the cup making the noise and not a monster living in our wall. I guess you win some, you lose some.....