Tuesday, January 26, 2016

That's Just Me...Naked In The Field!

Ever since I saw the Vanity Fair with the gorgeous and pregnant Demi Moore on the cover, I knew I wanted to recreate that shot when it was time for me to have a baby. Plus, I used to be able to stick out my stomach as big as Demi's, do the pose with a straight face and make my sister, Grace practically pee herself...it was destiny that I was going to have a naked photo shoot when I was pregnant. Way before Kourtney Kardashian thought of it! Last weekend, I was lucky enough to do two photo shoots with my friends- Kari on Saturday and Ashleigh on Sunday. Although Kari and I were in the privacy of my own apartment, Ashleigh took me out into the wide-open spaces of Temecula.
The setting was perfect, quiet and way off the beaten path of any unwanted spectators. Besides Ashleigh, her friend Heather (who was playing assistant for the day) and Anthony, we were all alone. So after we took the shots in my dress, I stripped down to nothing and took the more risqué shots...I was as comfortable as ever and with the girl's encouragement (they certainly boosted my self-esteem) I felt like I was shooting the cover of Vanity Fair myself. Although we did hear a few dirt bikes zoom by below us and there was one truck that came up the road in the distance (I hid behind Anthony for that one) the pictures came out fabulous! I can't wait to embarrass Meyer one day when the photos are blown up and framed on my bathroom wall...