Friday, December 7, 2012

Who Else But AISLEY?

For those of you who know me personally, you have probably had the pleasure of meeting my beautiful eight year old niece, Aisley Emaline Snell, or at least have heard various stories about her. Simply put, she is amazing. She is beautiful, smart beyond her years, can hold her own with her three brothers and is the sassiest little girl in Maine. Sassy in good way, of course. I decided to write about her this week after reading #16 on her Christmas list, sparking a raised eyebrow, a giggle and my thought- Who else but Aisley? Before I tell you what that one specific item was, I would like to share a few stories about Aisley that will give you a good idea just how hilarious she is.

When she was younger, she was on a youth soccer team and her coach was a little overweight. One day, she went up to her, put her hand on her coach's belly and asked, "are you pregnant?" When her coach embarrassingly said no, Aisley answered, "are you sure?"

My mom can't swim even though she took all three of us girls to swimming lessons at the YWCA when we were babies and my parents have had a pool since 1989. Usually, she just wades in the shallow end or watches her grandkids swim. One summer, Aisley put swimmies on her arms, made her wear a swim cap, handed her a kick board and an inner tube, pushed her in the deep end and said, "you've got to learn sometime!"

My dad graciously waits for Aisley to get off the bus everyday after school at 3:15 pm sharp. Instead of welcoming her grandfather with a big hug, she throws her backpack at him and says, "do your job!" and makes him carry it up the driveway.

And her Christmas list this year? After scanning through the normal, Operation board game, fortune cookie maker and Nerf disc shooter, I come across #16. Fuzzy black handcuffs. I died. I literally died. I called my sister for an explanation and she said, she had no idea why she wanted them but Aisley told her to make sure they don't hurt her wrists. Who else but Aisley?

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