Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yankee Doodle Went To Town....

This past weekend, Anthony and I, along with our friends Phil and Ivanna, went to Chicago for some baseball, hot dogs and Shenanigans. I absolutely fell in love with the city and am currently trying to convince Anthony that we need to move there. Even though he hates the cold weather, he loved the hot dogs so I think I have a 50/50 chance. Yeah right Erin, keep dreaming! On our first night in the city, we went to The Green Mill, a bar know for its Jazz and Mobster ties. Perfect! We had a few drinks in our hotel room first, then took an Uber to the bar (our driver's name was 'Campendi' or something but we thought we would call him Camp Pendleton). We scored a booth by the door and immediately noticed the sign on the table that read, 'No Talking!' Confused as to whether that meant during the performance or at all, we called our waitress over and whispered her our question. "So, can we not talk to each other at all?" She laughed and told us that we just weren't able to talk during the performance. Duh! And let me tell you, people were not afraid to 'Ssshh' you at this place if you broke the rules! (Clearly I am familiar with 'Ssshh-ing' - see my prior blog cleverly titled 'Ssssssshhhhhhh!') Another fun/uncomfortable thing about this place was that the bathrooms were literally on the stage, so if you had to pee, you had to walk to the front of the room, scoot by the bassist and do your business. Once inside the two stalled restroom, we noticed that the doors to the stalls were not made for anyone over 5'0" and would only safely shield you if you were a little person.
While Ivanna and I were in there relieving ourselves (since we unfortunately broke the seal), we saw a girl walk in who also needed to pee. And yes, we saw her walk in since the doors were so short and it immediately got awkward because the bathroom was the size of a shoe box. She was wearing a white hat with a giant feather in it, so I naturally called her 'Yankee Doodle' and tried not to maker eye contact with her as we switched positions so she could go in my stall and I could wash my hands. She was a chatterbox though and wanted Ivanna and I to know all about her life as she peed, so we felt the need to stay in the tiny bathroom with her because we are too nice. The people in the bar/the band must have thought we were going #2 because we were in the bathroom for so long! When 'Yankee Doodle' came out of the stall (still nonstop talking) she was struggling to put the feather back in her hat (I wonder if she called it macaroni?) so we offered to help. It was as if we had tried to steal the hat because she actually got mad at us and eventually stuck it back in HER WAY and walked out! Well, you know what Ms. Doodle? We both know that you didn't wash your hands and we told Anthony and Phil- so there! And next time you decide to ride into town and lose your feather, don't expect us to help you! 

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