Friday, June 5, 2015

Crochet Me Not

Even though I absolutely love my long, crochet-knit vest,  here are a few reasons why that article of clothing is not the most practical in the real world:

When wearing the vest to the BottleRock festival last weekend, I took home every single thing that was on the ground that night.....hay, bark, brambles, straw, grass. Every time I walk by my dresser, it gets caught on the drawer knobs and I have to untangle myself and shut the drawer. It's so long that it got stuck in between my legs when I was carrying bags of groceries from my car to my apartment on the busy streets of Downtown L.A. and made me trip. Every single time I stood up from my chair at work today, I was stuck on the lever that makes the chair go up and down. I shut it in my car door. Twice. While walking by an electric wheelchair at Trader Joe's today, my vest got caught on the arm and I was yanked backwards.

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