Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Multi Functioning Breast Friend

Now that I am a mother, I spend 99% of my time breastfeeding my little one. And thanks to my Breast Friend (a super handy breast feeding pillow) it is as easy as pie! But I have found that once I am done breast feeding, I can continue using the Breast Friend for many different things:

I can be a stand in for the dancing ballerina hippo in Disney's Fantasia

I can be a lifeguard at the local community pool

I can sell popcorn, peanuts or Dodger Dogs at Dodger Stadium on opening day

I can be a cocktail waitress at one of the many Vegas casinos

If I encounter another mom with a Breast Friend, we can have an impromptu Sumo Wrestling match

I can work on my solitaire skills anytime during the day, with no table required

Who knew that it was such a multi functioning product?

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