Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Few Firsts

I have seen my share of crazy things in Los Angeles, like ‘Charlie Chaplin’ waiting for the city bus, a woman hiking in a bikini and a guy carrying a tiny Yorkie in a Baby Bjorn, but there were a few things that I experienced this weekend that were not only crazy but a few firsts for me. Now, this may sound crazy, but I have never been to Costco. Never. Not in Maine and not in Los Angeles. My boyfriend took me this weekend and I couldn’t help but laugh as I felt like Mario from Super Mario Brothers in ‘Giant World’ stumbling through this mad house of giant pancake mix,  brand name jeans, mattresses, huge boxes of Splenda, rugs and the biggest shampoo bottles I have ever seen. I was blown away by the store and by the restaurant directly outside the entrance that was perhaps busier than the store itself. And I am not going to lie but the pizza looked amazing! Why didn’t they have this when I was a kid? I would’ve loved to take a little trip with my parents to Costco to get diapers for life and a large pizza pie…what a great idea!
Then we went to have some breakfast at Los Feliz Café where a pack of decked out, hardcore, cyclists sat next to us outside. But they weren’t just any cyclists- they were all Mexicans. It isn’t every day that you see cyclists who are Mexicans- and not Harley Davidson cyclists, mountain bike cyclists. We both thought that was a tad odd.  As we headed back downtown, I was full from my omelet and ready to crash on the couch and watch some Olympics. But as we turned the corner onto 7th Street, I couldn’t help but notice a tiny, old, dirty homeless woman screaming at the top of her lungs at everyone else on the street around her. And then it happened. She took that dingy white t-shirt that was hanging on her small frame and lifted it up over her head. What was she wearing underneath, you ask? Absolutely nothing! Of course, Anthony missed it- thank goodness for him! But for me, that image is branded in my brain unfortunately. As much as I love L.A., I can’t wait to get home to Maine next week!

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