Friday, September 7, 2012

Stealth Car Wash

When you need a car wash, you need a car wash, right? And when you are trying to be cheap and save a few bucks, you usually get what you pay for. Or in this case, not pay for...Having a white car in this smog filled city isn't my favorite thing in the world and paying for a car wash when I am used to doing it myself isn't either. So, when I saw my neighbor washing his car outside using the hose attached to the faucet on his apartment building, I was excited and started to plan my stealth car wash. In order for my plan to work, I had to park in a certain spot on the street so I could be directly in front of the faucet and I had to execute my plan at a time during the day where no one was really going to see me. Not like it really mattered but I was having fun pretending like I was doing something really dangerous and risky. For weeks I had been scoping out the situation after work with no luck in scoring the perfect opportunity. Until yesterday that is...I got home from work and saw a bright light shining upon the magic parking spot as the hose seemed to be glistening in the sun, beckoning me to come play. I quickly spun my car around, parked her and got out, clad in my nice work skirt and heels. I quickly jumped up on the lawn of my neighboring apartment building, turned on the faucet and washed my car so quick that Flash Gordon would have been proud. Quick maybe, but efficient, definitely not. Unfortunately my neighbor didn't supply the soap so I really just gave Jorja a good rinse (looking at her today though, she should probably be actually washed). But it made me smile, having executed my stealth plan. Case closed and hopefully a real car wash is open nearby.

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