Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Say Cheese!

I am usually a very outgoing person and don’t mind small talking with strangers but sometimes I just need ‘Erin time.’ Like today, when I was enjoying my salad outside Trader Joe’s in the warm sunlight. Just as I took a bite of my grilled chicken salad with rice noodles, a guy sat down on the bench next to me. This was completely normal at this hour, as many people frequent the benches outside Trader Joe’s for lunch. I didn’t think anything of it, until he asked me how the salad was. I quickly responded (mid chew) that it was good, hoping that our brief conversation was over. Nope! He then proceeded to tell me about all the different salads that he has tried from Trader Joe’s and began to embellish on his vegetarian lifestyle. He asked me if I ever tried to be a vegetarian and I told him I was a vegan momentarily but missed cheese too much. Well, I must have been talking to a cheese connoisseur because it was as if I was talking about shrimp with Bubba from Forrest Gump the way he responded to my comment.  
The guy starts asking me what my favorite cheeses were, told me which ones he preferred, how blue cheese contained penicillin, how parmesan was surprisingly easy to cook with and how swiss was not…blah blah blah blah….I thought someone was playing a trick on me. As he got more and more excited on the cheese topic, I just nodded in disbelief that I was actually “having a conversation” with this guy during my ‘Erin time’ and wished I could just walk away. But oh no, Erin is too nice and sat and listed to every last minute of Cheesy McCheddarson’s speech until my lunch break was over. As I was walking back to my office I surprisingly had a craving for a mozzarella cheese stick….

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