Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dumps Like A Truck

Many of you may be wondering where I got the nickname 'Dumps' and many of you probably had no idea that my nickname was 'Dumps.' No, it doesn't have to do with my love of dump trucks, the size of my booty or my frequent trips to the bathroom...I am going to expose the meaning behind that for you right now. And yes, you are welcome- now you can sleep tonight! : )
When I was in high school I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch in Freeport, Maine with my best friend Alicia. As an employee behind the register, I had to scan the articles of clothing by the barcode located on the tag. If a certain item didn't have a barcode however, we had to use a dummy code called a 'dumpskew.' For some reason my manager thought my last name was Dumpskew instead of Demchak, so he started to call me 'Dumps' for short. Alicia of course thought this was hysterical and she started calling me 'Dumps' all the time. The only time she ever calls me Erin, til this day even, is when she is mad at me. And naturally my little sister (whom lived with Alicia and I in Boston) became 'Lil Dumps' and my parents became 'Momma Dumps' and "Poppa Dumps.' The best part? Alicia's son Victor just started to talk and now calls me 'Humpty Dumpty.'

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