Sunday, March 9, 2014

You’re Too Big To Fit In Here….

Yesterday I took my car to the car wash, which is on the ground floor of the parking structure next to my office. It was as easy as pie. For $15, I dropped my car off at 7:00 am before work and it was ready by lunch. And let me tell you, they did a fabulous job! Bob (my Audi) was very happy and couldn’t stop smiling the whole ride home. So of course once my fiancé (I’m obsessed with saying that word by the way) saw Bob he asked if I could take his Tahoe to work the next day so it could get a wash. And because I am such an amazing fiancé (I really heart that word) I agreed.

I got up the next morning, hopped in his Tahoe and began my lovely commute on the 10 freeway. I drive Anthony’s truck sometimes to work so I am familiar with it but it’s just so big compared to my little Audi. I always feel like a giant beast in his Tahoe but I like it because no one wants to mess with me. I finally arrive at the parking structure next to my work and pull in. Right off the bat I notice the swinging yellow bar above my head that said ‘clearance 6’2” and I wrinkle my brow and think, “I’m pretty sure this thing has a clearance of 6’ so I’m all good.” I pull the ticket, the gate arm opens and immediately a read light above my head starts flashing, “overweight, please back out.” A.) How dare he? And B.) OH *%$#!

I look around, duck down a little so I wouldn’t hit my head (it makes no sense, I know, but everyone does it when they drive in parking structures!) and proceeded straight ahead to the car wash. I was convinced that on my way there I was going to slice the top off Anthony’s truck, bring home a convertible to him and NEVER be able to use that word ‘fiancé’ again. But lucky for me, the Tahoe was 6’, nobody said anything to me about being too big, and his truck is nice and shiny…and in one piece. 

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