Thursday, April 3, 2014

Best (Early) Birthday Gift EVER!

As I do almost everyday, I collect the various packages from our mailbox to give to my Amazon obsessed fiance. But yesterday there was a special package in the mix....for me! Even though my birthday isn't for another month, my man gave me the BEST gift ever. And after I tell you what it is (and after you stop laughing), I will give you the back story. 

I bought an amazing white sweater from MACY's in December and after wearing only a couple of times, it started to pill like a madman. I tried picking them off (time consuming), using duct tape (didn't work) and even placing it in the back of my closet to forget about it. But I missed it and I wanted to wear it and not look like crap. So, I brought it to my dry cleaners to see if he could work his magic. He raised his thick, gray eyebrows and said he would do his best. Three days after I dropped off the sweater, he called and said my sweater broke the fabric shaver machine and he needed a few more days. Okay....I'll give him a week to cool off- he didn't seem very happy. When I finally got the call that my fave sweater was ready, I practically skipped down the street to pick it up. When I walked in, he gave me a very devious smile as if to say, 'ahhh- the sweater girl!' For about ten minutes he belittled that sweater (in front of me) and basically told me he never wanted to see it again. He handed me an envelope full of all the pilly lint he pulled off the sweater (what the hell was I going to do with that?) and told me to say hi to his buddy, Anthony. Great- so now I was going to be their little joke! "Your fiance and her damn sweater! Blah Blah Blah..."

Cut to present day with that Amazon package in hand, me sweating with anticipation, Anthony beaming with pride. I open it and it's my very own 'In Edge' fabric shaver!!!! Yeah, I know- I am getting old....Next year I will probably get a vacuum cleaner or a new toilet brush. But the best part about my gift? Not only is my sweater perfect again but our couch has been experiencing a bit of a pill problem as well and I got to use my new fabric shaver on that to boot! I sat there for about fifteen minutes last night de-pilling our couch stroke by stroke, cushion by cushion. It was amazing! I'm just glad we don't have any pets because I'm sure I would have tried to experiment on them....

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