Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Do You Mean- Retire That Purse?

You know when you have that one accessory that you absolutely love and no matter how many times it breaks and you fix it, you find a way to keep using it? Well, that's how I feel about this purse Grace gave me from Goodwill. (All you snobs can stop gasping now....yes, I said Goodwill!) About 5 years ago, Grace was Sally O'Malley from Saturday Night Live for Halloween and needed a small, vintage looking purse that she didn't have to carry. She needed something she could kick, stretch and kick with all night long.

So, she went to Goodwill and found the perfect bag that kind of looks like a fake Chanel. A 'Fanel' if you will. I was eyeing that purse all night and snatched it from her the next day when I knew she wouldn't be needing it any longer. Low and behold, that little purse has stuck with me over the years and has even received many compliments to which I smile and say, "thanks! It's Amanda Smith from Goodwill!" But lately, it has managed to break every time I take it out. Either one of the clasps breaks, or the black pleather (let's be honest here) straps come unraveled. As much as Anthony pleads with me to throw that thing out, I love it and continue to fix it anytime it breaks with my pliers and/or sewing kit. There are just some things that you can't let go of...

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