Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pop Goes My Physique

Okay, so I am an adventurous girl when it comes to working out and am willing to give anything a shot. I take Cardio Barre classes, have tried yoga, hike almost every weekend, been to my share of hip hop classes and have even done a little pole dance workout. But when I got only a few minutes into my Pop Physique class on Third and Fairfax, I thought I was going to die. Literally, right there on that pink mat, next to the Lulu Lemon clad chick on my left. But die in a good way- with rock hard abs and an ass to kill for. I don’t have any kids, but the pain you endure while kicking and squeezing and lifting in this class is comparable to child birth. I’m sorry to all the mothers out there who are laughing and rolling their eyes at me but it’s the only thing that I can imagine is more painful. And at the end of this class, you don’t get an adorable baby to take home with you- you get sore thighs and stinky armpits. The workout is an hour long and consists of fast paced, high tempo moves that isolate your arms, your legs, your abs and then your booty. You use weights, a small pink ball, a strap and a ballet bar. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to kick their own butt into shape while listening to great music and is dreaming of a booty like the one on the Pop Physique ads. I’m only two classes in but I’m starting to spend a little more time looking at my backside in the mirror every day, and I like what I see so far! I definitely wouldn’t be able to do the class with anyone I knew though, because I would probably pee my pants laughing so hard at the hip thrusts and awkward positions you find yourself in. I know for sure that if my little sister, Grace, was in the class next to me I would have to add a number four to my “situations when I pee pants” list: 4) Pop Physique.

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