Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is That a Flask in Your Bag or Are You Happy to See Me?

Testicles, spectacles, wallet and watch- check! Guys, you are ready to head out the door...and for the ladies- wallet, cell phone, lip gloss, compact, gum, flask? Yup, that's right, flask! Not that I take it everywhere I go- hello AA! But I do like to pinch some pennies and save a few bucks when I can by providing my own alcohol in certain situations. Like at the movies, or Hollywood clubs, or Stagecoach, or the LA Fair, or just about anywhere that could be more fun when fueled with alcohol and when I don't have to drive. The best part about smuggling a flask anywhere is that moment when you know you got away with it (Beth and I even have a little dance we do once we cross into the safety zone). The worst part? Actually smuggling it in. Last year, I bought a disposable flask for my boyfriend and it was probably the best purchase I have ever made. So, I bought one for myself and made my friend Beth get one too. It's a silver, fold-able and undetectable (no metal) flask that fits anywhere! You can put it in your boot, your hat, your purse and even your pants (causing you to have a little bit of a gut, but it's an instantly removable gut nonetheless). The last two years when Beth and I went to Stagecoach (the country music version of Coachella) we managed to smuggle the flasks through the intense purse search/pat down/metal detector entrance to the festival by shoving these wonders down our pants or in between our boobs. Call us crazy but we saved about $50 each that weekend! The only shameful part about smuggling flasks is when you forgot it was in your purse from the night before and you get to work and see it next to your work keys at 7:00 am....oops! Yes, that has happened to me.

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