Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Park Ranger To The Rescue

There are certain occupations that as much as they are valid, admirable jobs, it is rare that you come across people in life who have those certain jobs. Hence, I always say that those occupations are not real jobs (only in the “what I want to be when I grow up” books). For instance- pilots, astronauts, cobblers, lifeguards, blacksmiths and park rangers. Well, I definitely changed my mind one day on a hike at Griffith Park. I used to frequent the park after work and hike for about an hour, just before the sun went down. It was beautiful, scenic and an amazing calorie burner. One day after I parked my car, I went into my trunk to get my iPod and my phone, shut it, and realized that my keys were locked in my trunk. Due to a drunken night a few years back and my lack of extra funds to pay almost $200 to get a spare key made (damn you Volkswagen) I only had one key, and of course I didn’t have AAA at this moment. I panicked for a minute, thought about just going on the hike and dealing with it later, then decided to go ask for help. I stumbled upon a Park Ranger station (sans Yogi and Booboo Bear) and found a few of the rangers washing their truck. I told them about my situation and one of them decided he would help me out. I mean, what else where they busy with? Confiscating picnic baskets from bears? He met me at my car, pulled out his tools and attempted to unlock my car door. After about an hour, his hand was getting sore and we were running out of things to talk about. This better work, I had no other options! Just when the Park Ranger was about to give up- pop! Jorja decided to be on my side for once and allow the nice Park Ranger to unlock her door. Success! And now I know, ‘Yes Erin, there is a Park Ranger!’

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