Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Too Tan Or Not Too Tan?

Like most people, my skin is sensitive, uneven in some spots and loves to turn red when I am working out, hot or embarrassed. That is why, my friends, I am obsessed with sunless tanning. Not only does it make my skin glow, but I feel skinnier because tan fat is better than white fat. Even with all of those stated ‘ups’, it does unfortunately have its ‘downs’ as well. My boyfriend has a white duvet comforter and since I sleep over his house practically every night, I am forced to wash it at about once a week because my bronzer loves to rub off while I sleep. I try to reckon with him and say, “wouldn’t you rather have a hot, tan girlfriend?” He usually says he would rather have a clean white comforter. Ugggg! Another down? The act of actually going into the freezing cold booth (I swear I immediately have to pee every time) and getting sprayed. I try and take all the precautions though, to be safe, and make sure I don’t ingest the DHA in the sunless tanning solution. I even put nose plugs and ear plugs in and hold my breath the ENTIRE time, leaving me very woozy but with iron lungs. When asked why I feel the need to tan, my answer is usually “my boyfriend is Puerto Rican and my roommate is black, I have to keep up somehow!”

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