Monday, January 14, 2013

Yonanas, Yo Problems!

I am blonde and do occasionally have my moments, which my boyfriend loves to point out to me. But I am a smart cookie and although no one is perfect, sometimes the blonde moments get the best of me. Like this weekend when I suggested we buy Yonanas at Bed Bath and Beyond, the ice cream maker that turns frozen fruit into a creamy dessert. But I didn't realize a major detail until after we bought it, got home and tried it out. The detail I didn't notice? It is called YoNANAS for a reason- because you must make every frozen treat with bananas. My problem with that one? I don't like bananas mixed with anything, I only like them on their own. So in order to get those mango, strawberry and blueberry ice creams that I wanted to make, you have to also use bananas. Boooooo! And trust me, we tried to blend up frozen strawberries on their own and it came out like ice chips. You want that creamy dessert Yonanas promises on the box? You must use bananas. To quote Gwen Stefani- "this appliance is yonanas, Y-O-N-A-N-A-S!" And as Notorious BIG would have said, "yo nanas, yo problems!" So I packed up my yonanas and said, "yo, you're going back to Bed Bath and Beyond!"

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