Friday, June 7, 2013

Tap Tap Tap On My Window...

Last year, when I lived in West Hollywood, I had a very annoying neighbor. But this neighbor wasn't a person at all, it was a tree branch. Night after night I would try and fall asleep to the tap tap tappity tap of the branch against my window, which of course was right above my bed. I was surprised that it actually bothered me since I could literally sleep through anything. Chainsaws, babies screaming, my mom once standing over me in bed washing my windows- yup, anything!
But for some reason, this branch (I called her Michelle Branch) drove me looney night after night. It was an annoying tap that would progress throughout the night...every night! So, one night when I couldn't take it anymore and was on the verge of calling my landlord, I figured I would take things into my own hands. I sprung out of bed and went out to the kitchen to grab a pair of scissors. Once I was back in my bedroom, I hopped up on my bed, opened the window, removed the screen and squeezed half my body out of the window (scissors in hand) so I could reach the damn branch. I grabbed it, pulling it close to me and cut it in half, sending it crashing to the ground. Bye bye Michelle and goodnight Erin!

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