Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Leaning Tower Of Clothes

When I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago, I gave up my giant closet and had to squeeze all of my stuff into his little space with all of his clothes. This was not going to work. My solution? I was going to go to Target to get one of those double hanging racks and put all of my stuff on it. Perfect! I bought the rack, put it together and started loading on my stuff. In my head, I was thinking how great this would be- Anthony could have the whole closet to himself and I would put all of my clothes on the rack...he wouldn't even know I was there! But in reality, I didn't read the weight requirements on the rack and literally put my entire wardrobe onto this thing. I was even hanging things I had never hung in my life, like t-shirts, because hey, I had a double hanging rack!

Although Anthony wasn't a big fan of having my entire wardrobe in our bedroom, out in the open, he was dealing with it. He knows not to say anything negative about a woman and her clothes. And I felt like a model getting ready for the runway every morning with my new hanging rack. Everything was just fine in the Gudin-chak household. Until, I went home to Maine on Easter weekend. While I was gone, my hanging rack decided to misbehave.....

I got a text from Anthony that Saturday morning while I was enjoying breakfast with my parents telling me that my hanging rack was done. Kaput. Huh? Here's what happened: Anthony came home late from work that night, or should I say that morning, around 4:00 am  to find my entire wardrobe on the floor and the bed. The hanging rack split in two, marking up the walls and spewing my clothes all over the bedroom. Groggy and tired, he naturally thought someone robbed our place and had a mini panic attack. When he figured out what had happened, he just picked up all of my stuff, threw it on the kitchen table and left it for me to deal with when I got back to LA. He was not happy.

What did I learn that day? I learned that you must read directions when buying a hanging rack because you can't just put everything you own on it (I even put my necklaces and bags on it) and that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders on black scuff marks on the wall. I did manage to save the bottom half of the rack (above) with some electrical tape but it leans a lot toward the lovely leaning tower of clothes!

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