Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bubbles Gone Wild

Sundays are the perfect day for a bubble bath, right? Especially when you are feeling under the weather like I am today...So I lit my candles, filled up my glass with OJ, turned on Lana Del Rey and started to run the tub in the bathroom. Since we moved to a bigger apartment in our building last week, we not only got a bigger bathroom but a jacuzzi tub to boot. The only problem with the tub is that the jets don't work on their own with the button in the tub, so in order to turn it on, you have to go into the toilet area, open a secret hatch door and plug it in. Yeah, we are getting that fixed soon....So, I squirted the coconut bubble bath in the tub, turned on the hot water and 'plugged' in the jets. I probably should have waited to plug them in until the water was higher than the jets but then I just wouldn't be Erin, would I? So as I am sitting in the living room with Anthony, waiting for my tub to fill up, we heard a strange spraying sound coming from the bathroom. I run in to see the jets spraying the water everywhere like the water show at the Bellagio in Vegas. I hurried in to the toilet area to unplug the jets and quickly clean up the mess I made before Anthony could see. Just as I was enjoying the relaxing tub, the water was finally submerging the jets so I called Anthony in to plug them in for me. Such a hassle right? Just as I was finding my zen, I noticed that the bubbles were starting to come above my chin and I was drowning a bit in my own bathtub. There was nothing I could do so I screamed for Anthony to unplug the jets before I was killed by Mister Bubbles himself. We definitely need to gets those fixed...

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