Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hi, I'm Erin and I Work at CVS!

In 2007, when I briefly moved home to Maine from Los Angeles and before I moved to Boston, I worked for my brother-in-law at Jaiden Landscaping. It wasn't too bad when the weather was nice because I got to be outside all day but I dreaded the days when I had to suit up in the poncho to work in the rain. But I wanted to keep my constantly sought after 'acting/hosting/modeling/anything in the media field' desires filled so I was always looking for side jobs. Even though there wasn't too much in that field in Maine, I managed to make a few contacts and happily worked that summer as a promotional model at a few bars in Portland and Old Orchard Beach and was even in a bikini runway show (it was more like a handful of bikini models walking on a slab of plywood at a club in the Old Port). But the best 'opportunity' (if you will) that came my way that summer was a CVS training video to be filmed at an actual store in Haverhill, MA. I was excited (slightly more intrigued) but had no freaking clue what to expect.
When I showed up at the store for my call time I walked over to the 'film crew' and introduced myself. It cracked me up at how low budget this video was and how I was convinced it wasn't real the entire time. This 'film crew' consisted of one guy, his camera and his assistant. He explained to me and the other 'actors' what we would be doing and told us that the store would be open the while we were filming so to be conscious of the shoppers so they wouldn't really think we worked there. He then handed us our official CVS polo shirts and name tags and told us to go change. I remember the shoot took about 4 hours and it consisted of each of us taking turns being the CVS worker, then a customer and explaining different products to each other. "You need a great shampoo? Well, this shampoo right here on this shelf will really do the trick! It's exactly what you are looking for. Now follow me to the register!" Mind you there was no sound being recorded so we basically just moved our mouths and pretended to explain the different products that we were holding. After we wrapped I thanked the 'crew,' took my check for $200 and headed back to Maine, still wondering to this day if I am circulating around the break room at the Haverhill CVS in the new hire training video...

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