Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sears Models Club

Besides your typical girly girl hobbies like Barbies, boy bands and biking, I loved anything to do with modeling growing up. In my 'School Days' book, it asked every year what I wanted to be when I grew up and every year I said 'model.' Well, in Kindergarten through 2nd grade I think I actually wrote 'modle' but that's besides the point. I was always filming Miss America pageants on the video camera with my friends when they came over (it was tough when there were only two of us and we each had to be 25 states) and I would always show off my new school clothes to my parents by doing a fashion show. But I needed to feed my passion more. When I was about 12, my mom and I discovered that the Sears in Brunswick had a Sears Models Club and if you signed up (I'm pretty sure they accepted anyone into this club) you could attend meetings every Saturday and you could even do live modeling in the store! So I proudly marched my lanky legs into the Sears one Saturday and signed up. I was officially a model! (Or 'modle') It was probably my most favorite thing in the world. Each Saturday we would meet in the back room at Sears in our Sears Models Club T-shirts (I still have the T-shirt
today thanks to my mom), talk about skin care and how to pose for the perfect picture and then we would venture out into the store. If we going to be live modeling in the store that day, we had to pick out an outfit to wear on the 'runway' that would compliment our partner's outfit. Once we were dressed, we stood in different sections of the store for hours modeling the clothes. (It was probably only about 10 minutes but it sure felt like hours). My cheeks would get so red trying not to laugh, especially when old men would stand in our faces trying to get us to smile. My older sister Amber even joined the club after she heard how much fun it was! We were known as 'the blonde sisters.' I even got to be in a parade to boot.  Oh, those were the good old days...

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  1. I remember this club, I wonder why they don't offer it anymore for young girls. It was fun!