Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Head Over Heels

This is the story of how I lost a pair of heels that were very near and dear to my heart....this is a sad, sad story (don't be fooled by my smile in the picture). My friend Kari had a gorgeous pair of yellow heels up for grabs one day when Beth and I went over to her house for a BBQ last summer. The only catch? We both wanted them and they fit both of us nicely. What were we to do? Kari's Aunt Marge cleverly announced that we should have a walk off for the shoes. So, that was exactly what we did. Kari turned up the salsa music, everyone stood around and Beth and I each took our turn down the 'runway.' I confidently strapped on those heels, worked my hips to the salsa music, made people laugh and won those shoes fair and square. Don't listen to Beth when she says it was a tie and she generously handed them over to me!     ; )

I loved those heels. They were everything you wanted in a heel and more. Strappy, yellow, comfortable and pretty. I wore them to my sister's wedding, to my friend Mary's Bachelorette party in Las Vegas and to her rehearsal dinner in Palm Springs. Palm Springs- that is where they would meet their demise and I would have to bury them (but not their memory) and head back to Los Angeles without them.

It all began the night of the rehearsal dinner. Everything was going well- I was getting many compliments on the shoes, they were still comfortable and I was having fun. I thought my shoes were also having fun but I was wrong. Dead wrong. As I walked arm in arm to the shuttle with my fellow bridesmaid, Lety, I felt a weird wobble on my left foot and I sunk down a few inches. What the hell? I looked down and my heel had snapped clean off the shoe. I screamed, held the heel up in the air like Mufasa did to Simba in The Lion King and cried out, "has anyone ever met someone who lost a heel like this?" Just as I expected, everyone in unison answered, "who else but Erin?"

RIP Yellow Guess heels. You will be missed.

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