Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stalking In Sin City

I won't name any names, cite any exact dates or even admit that this is true (wink wink) but I am going to indulge you in a story of a little trip I called 'Stalking in Sin City.' This girl I know, we will call her Karen, was totally in love with this boy at her college and although they had a few classes together and said hello to each other in the halls, Karen never made it to the next level with this boy. I'm convinced it was because Karen gained the freshman thirty which didn't leave her body until after her senior year, but who am I to say why this relationship never blossomed. It wasn't me after all....

A few years after graduation, Karen and her friends moved out to Los Angeles and one day while at work aka stalking her college crush on My Space or AOL Instant Messenger (this was pre-Facebook) Karen found out that he was going to be in Las Vegas that weekend with his friends. Karen told her best friend about this situation and her friend, let's call her Felicia, convinced Karen that they had to drive to Las Vegas and 'bump into him." As Felicia put it, "what do you have to lose?" After Karen answered, "my dignity," she told her that this may be her last chance to see him, while he was single and while Karen was skinny. Shallow girls, I know. But who knew? Maybe this was fate (not stalking) and it was meant to be?

So Karen and Felicia 'called out sick' from work the next day (Thursday), booked a room at the cheapest hotel in Vegas (Circus Circus) and drove four hours to Sin City that night, excited, nervous and trying to convince themselves that they weren't crazy. When they arrived at their hotel room (not the nicest in the city considering it was only $60/night) they opened the door and found the maid laying on the bed watching TV. Startled, he jumped up and said hello. "The room is just about ready, you can come in if you want!" he said as the girls looked at each other in shock. They decided to wait in the hall until he was done with his show, or rather cleaning.

Karen and Felicia learned that the boy was going to be at the Coyote Ugly bar in the New York New York hotel that night and as they got ready, Karen started to freak out a bit. What if he didn't remember her? What if he told her that she was a crazy stalker? Or what if they never even saw him? Nonetheless, Felicia told Karen that they didn't come out here for nothing, gave her a shot and told her to hurry her ass up. After about three shots each, the girls headed to Coyote Ugly, Felicia walking in front like the proud matchmaker and Karen dragging her feet behind like a kid not wanting to go to school on her first day of Kindergarten. Next thing they know, they are standing outside of the bar and Karen spots the back of her crush's head and naturally freaks out and hides behind a nearby puppet show. Don't ask...it is Vegas and there was a puppet show apparently...I wasn't there. Frozen like someone who just saw a ghost, Karen couldn't move and as Felicia came towards her she said, "this is like you taking me to the Grand Canyon and me not getting out of the car!" And although Felicia had a point, Karen was terrified and ran back to the hotel (or the nearest bar), never seeing her crush and never knowing what could have been. Although Felicia was mad, the two are still best friends and everything worked out for the best. Karen and Felicia are some crazy girls! I wish I could have hung out with them.... ; )

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