Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blonde Moments

Even though my hair seems to get darker and darker, I still have my embarrassing blonde moments which Anthony is never shy to point out! Yesterday was a bad day for me- two blonde moments back to back and both incidents were in front of Anthony. After the first one, I immediately turned off E!, picked up a book to give my brain cells a jolt (it was Tori Spelling's latest book so that may count against me) and asked Anthony if he was still going to marry me. Thank Goodness he said yes!

Incident 1- We are constantly making green smoothies in our beloved Nutra Bullet in which we use a ton of spinach. We have one of those salad spinner thingys to clean the spinach and I swear I am filling that thing up everyday! Usually I load in the spinach, douse the leaves with water, put on the lid and pump the handle to spin it. I wait patiently (sometimes a full minute depending how aggressive I am with my pumping) while the inside bowl stops spinning so I can open the lid and dump out the water. There have been a few times though when I took the lid off too soon sending the still spinning spinach leaves flying all over me and the kitchen. The other day I was watching Anthony use the salad spinner and like magic, he pushed the giant green button on the top to immediately stop the spinning! That's what that button is for?

Incident 2- I went to fill up my (Bob) Audi's gas tank yesterday and the gas tank lid wouldn't open. Usually you just press on the lid and it pops open but here I was at the 76 Station for 5 minutes now forcefully pushing on the lid and even hitting it a few times. I walked back to the driver's side, opened the car door and checked to make sure there wasn't a gas tank button that I needed to push (I knew there wasn't because I have had the car for almost a year, but maybe I was going crazy!) and sure enough there was no button. When I walked back around to the gas tank, it was open! I literally thought that maybe it just popped open when I walked away because it was playing a trick on me. Nonetheless, I pumped my gas and headed home, taking note to call the Audi dealership to have them fix it right away. When I got to my parking garage, I got out of the car, locked up and tried it again. It still wouldn't open. What the hell!? This car was a 2010, things couldn't be falling apart already, right? I told Anthony and although he thought that was odd, he told me to tell the Audi guys when I went for my routine maintenance appointment at the end of the month. This morning when I was walking from the elevator to my car with Anthony, I unlocked it and when I got next to it, I noticed that the gas tank was open again! Finally it clicked, and at the moment, I realized what the problem was. And so did Anthony because he walked away so he didn't laugh in my face. The gas tank won't open when the car is locked...Duh!

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