Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Of These Things Does Not Belong Here....

After Memorial Day weekend, when I got back from New Orleans, I unpacked all of my stuff before going to bed that night. That's just the thing I do- no matter what time of day I get back from a trip, I have to unpack everything before I go to bed. You can call it OCD but I call it unwinding. When I was unpacking the section of my luggage that had all of my jewelry in it, I noticed that my new gold crescent moon ring I had just bought was not in the pocket. Although I was bummed, I figured that I would chalk it up as a $5.00 loss.

This morning while I was getting ready for work, I thought I would wear my turquoise necklace (which was also in New Orleans with me) to spice up my all black attire. I put it around my neck, finished up my makeup, grabbed my coffee cup and headed out the door. It wasn't until about an hour ago when I went into the bathroom to refresh my lipstick that I noticed a little bonus ('a bone-y' as Grace calls it) intertwined in my necklace. Yup, it was my ring! How I didn't notice or feel that thing poking at me all morning is beyond me!

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