Monday, June 9, 2014

Engagement Photo Day!

My amazing friend Ashleigh and her very patient husband/assistant Grant came downtown yesterday for my favorite day (but certainly not any man's, Anthony included). Engagement picture day! Of course I started getting ready about two hours in advance while Anthony sat on the couch getting excited, surely. I kept checking in on him to make sure he had an outfit in mind that would go with my new blue dress and he kept shrugging me off. Ugh, men! At least he had helped me scout locations earlier that day but I was all ready with my prop bag and a handful of smiles and poses that I had practiced in the mirror all week. Who am I kidding? I practice in the mirror daily! Alas, about ten minutes before Ashleigh and Grant arrived, he jumped off the couch and asked me to help him pick out an outfit. I assisted as I could, trying not to ruin my hair/tan/nails/makeup and we finally got him spiffied up in no time.
Without ruining too many details (pictures are coming soon, I promise) we had an amazing day running about downtown through the streets (literally), in parks that were closed to the public (who says a girl in a dress can't hop a fence?) and on rooftops (why does that sound like a video game?) catching the perfect moments of our love. At least that is what I was thinking the whole time but I could tell Anthony was holding back inside all day but he put on a brave face for me! Not because he didn't like taking pictures or anything but because as I mentioned before, he has a moderate case of OCD. A little piece of me laughed every time we had to sit on the ground, or lay on the grass or sit on those dreaded park benches (and now we were wearing street clothes by definition) as I saw Anthony's face wince in horror! My favorite part? When we were in the park (surrounded by homeless people who acted as if we were shooting a scene from America's Next Top Model) posing in a lime tree and a homeless lady continued to cheer us on, giggle and repeatedly tell us that those fruits were limes, not lemons. Thanks, Tyra Banks!

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