Thursday, March 7, 2013

Party Trick......Gone Bad

Everyone should have a party trick, whether it is breakdancing, belching the alphabet, doing the worm or being able to do a back handspring on command. My party trick? Opening a bottle of champagne with a butcher knife like Cameron Diaz did in What Happens in Vegas. And yes, I did spend hours practicing that trick after I saw the movie until I perfected it. Last weekend, I taught my friend Nicole how to do it during our Sunday Funday brunch which reminded me of that one time my party trick went bad…

A few New Year’s Eves ago, after I had just learned the champagne trick, I was at a house party FULL of people that I didn’t know. After a few drinks, I thought, what a better way to ring in the New Year, then popping a bottle of champagne at the stroke of midnight? Feeling overly confident, I was telling people all night about my party trick and how I was going to blow their minds when they saw it. Well, my moment came and I guess I didn’t anticipate the entire party stopping what they were doing and following me into the kitchen to see my trick, so I got a little bit nervous. The key to the trick is shaking the bottle first, and then making sure you slide the backside of the knife up the seam of the bottle. Easy, right? Not when you have about a hundred people staring at you. My first attempt failed, as did my second and my third. Knowing I had to show these people what I had told them I could do made me more and more determined to open this sucker. So, instead of being patient and doing it the right way, I took the knife and kept chopping until I chopped the top off the bottle harshly sending glass and champagne flying through the air and all over me. I had never cleared a room so quickly. As everyone stood there in shock, the floor wet, shards of glass everywhere and blood dripping down my arm, I looked at my friends Beth and Kris (who was also bleeding from the glass) and nervously smiled. Happy New Year!?? Not only was I never invited back to that house, I made sure that I never performed that trick until I was certain that it would be a success. And to this day, I haven’t failed. Knock on glass…, wood! Lucky for you, I have a video (below).....and yes, it's embarrassing!

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