Friday, March 15, 2013

Unlikely Proposal

LA is very, as I was walking back to my car in Mid-City, I got a sweet proposal, but it wasn't from my boyfriend. My car was parked off of Wilshire and Hauser at a meter and as I got in the driver's side, I figured I would call my sister because the meter was blinking green indicating that I had more than enough time to stay in the spot. So, when the City Parking Enforcement pulled up next to my car, I naturally kept on gabbing because I wasn't doing anything wrong. After a few minutes, the car didn't move and actually pulled up so he was eye to eye with my window. I glanced over wondering if I was about to get towed or something and he motioned me to roll down my window. Oh crap, now what? I told Grace to hold on as I rolled down my window and replied, "Yes?" He asked me if he could ask me a question so I told him yes. Looking me right in the eye, he said "Will you marry me?" Completely taken aback, I burst out laughing, rolled up my window and drove away. LA is very weird....

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